mind gourmet, CA - novemBER 2018

Boxes appear for many reasons. They give us a feeling of safety and belonging; for example by being part of a certain religion or interest group. They also help us to bond and align, and enjoy connection.

Boxes help us make sense of the world, even though they might not be beneficial. When we believe we know how genders, religion, races, and political parties (just to name a few) are supposed to be, we feelgrounded and safe. Unfortunately, putting others and ourselves in boxes often brings generalization and judgment with it.
— Rúna Magnús & Nick Haines, Authors #NoMoreBoxes Movement

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Uncertainty – about the future, about ourselves – looms large in the collective consciousness of humanity. Some of the ugliest boxes you could find yourself trapped in are the boxes that are related to your mindset, your belief system. All of the ‘should’s’ you might have been telling yourself you should do, have, be.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement

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I don’t think we can stop making assumptions or as I see it, ‘placing people into Boxes’. What we can do is be aware of the boxes are placing ourselves and others into. There are good boxes, there are bad boxes, and there are simply ugly boxes. Awareness is the key.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement

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#NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club
Icelandic Embassy, London -september 2018

Icelandic Embassy

“Iceland is very proactive in its approach to gender equality, both through the legislative process and government intervention and as such – although there is a way to go – we have made great progress.

However, attending a #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club has highlighted to me the importance of non- judgemental face to face dialogue and discussions. The #NoMoreBoxes Breakfast Club concept will without a doubt break down many barriers that are required to move us all forward in this area.”
— Ambassador, Stefan Haukur Jóhannesson



We believe that change comes from within. So you have to, as an individual, think about what you can do. We all can change, and we all can influence. Believe that you can become the change, and that little changes can mean a lot.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement

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News release | july 2018

"Energy follows Focus. The danger of placing women in the 'Feminine Box' and men in the 'Masculine Box' is that we are creating an isolating and devising boxes, limiting humans to be the change they want to see in their world."

                ---- Rúna Magnúsdóttir co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement

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female first, UK - june 2018

I wanted to see a world where people are being seen for their unique brilliance. I wanted to see a world where people were free to be themselves. I wanted to see a world where people could express themselves in a safe space. I wanted to see a world where people were valued no matter which gender, race, religion or background.
— — Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator the #NoMoreBoxes Awareness Movement

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How to find what makes us happy, how to stop putting ourselves and others in boxes, the vitality test, being a “slashy” and more.

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HEALTH & WELLbeing | MAY 2018

Nothing feels better than taking action and incorporating the change you want to see in the world, so don’t let your perfectionist habits hold you back!
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator the #NoMoreBoxes Awareness Movement

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Sharp magazine, UK - may 2018

For me Kindness is the best and most certain way to make sure we have a world and culture where everyone is there for each other.
— Nicholas Haines, founder of the Five Institute and creator of The Vitality Test

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It is vitally important for us all to raise our awareness about the historic gender-bias boxes and be brave enough to look at our responsibility for becoming the change we want to see in our world. There is a massive opportunity for businesses to stand out in the marketplace by acknowledging this.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator the #NoMoreBoxes Awareness Movement

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MEtro, UK - MARCH 2018

People love and admire other people not afraid to be who they really are.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator the #NoMoreBoxes Awareness Movement



The Change Makers called for everyone to examine and question which boxes they have put themselves in, or have been put in, and how this might be limiting them or causing division.
— The Change Makers

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TIMEs of malta, malta - february 2018

Tapping into human power – and not gendered power – benefits all of us as it brings to the table diverse perspectives because of the unique experiences of men and women.
— Rúna Magnúsdóttir, co-creator the #NoMoreBoxes Awareness Movement

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